A train to see Paris (pt. 2 of the Paris saga)

After waking from a seemingly endless sleep, I walked downstairs in hopes of catching the tail end of my hostel’s complimentary breakfast. Unfortunately, I had just missed it. I decided to eat at the hostel anyways to save a little time. I ordered pancakes with cream and berries and a side of potatoes. When my order came out, I found out that a side of potatoes was hostel talk for French fries. I devoured my breakfast before leaving for the day.

After looking up directions for everywhere I wanted to go, I headed out. My first stop, the Louvre!

Needless to say, the Louvre is enormous and I did not set aside enough time to see it all. So I decided I would hit all the landmarks and anything else I saw would be icing on the cake. 

Also, I was excited to find this familiar meal in the food court.

But I ended up ordering this instead, based on the waitress’ suggestion. 

At a certain point, I thought it best to move on to my next destination, Musée de l’Orangerie. The French girl from the previous post had highly recommended it, so I was excited to see it. 

Walking through this wonderful garden led to the museum. Once I was inside the Musée de l’Orangerie, on the first floor, were two large oval rooms, connected by a small doorway, with seating in the middle of each room. Housed in each room were four large Monet paintings of water lilies. People were sitting on the cushioned benches and staring into the paintings, taking in whatever they could from the strokes of color in front of them. I, too, sat on the benches and looked into the paintings, hoping the paintings would reflect something I was looking for in myself. 

After I descended the stairs to the lower floor, I found a variety of artworks from the likes of Picasso, Modigliani, and others I can’t recall. 

After seeing the entirety of Musée de l’Orangerie, I decided to head back towards the hostel for lunch. Not feeling brazen enough to try and order something at a French cafe, I thought it best to order something from the hostel restaurant, a veggie burger with a side salad. When my order came out, I, again, received French fries. Thus I deduced that everything on th menu must come with French fries. 

Now that I had refueled both myself and my phone for directions, I decided to head out one last time before bed and the eventual train ride out of Paris. Looking for recommendations from my friend, Jennie, I decided to visit Norte Dame. I boarded the metro.

I exited the train and took a nice, short walk past cafes and street performers towards Norte Dame. 

When I came up on the cathedral, it was every bit as beautiful as Jennie and Disney had told me it would be. Sadly, the tickets for the day were sold out, so I only got to enjoy the view of the exterior. I stood in the courtyard with hundreds of other people admiring the cathedral as armed military walked through us, on patrol.

After snapping a couple of quick pictures with my phone, I walked back the way I came, down into the metro, headed back to the hostel. 

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