Amsterdam, day 2

On my second and final day in Amsterdam, I really only wanted to do two things, eat some of local fare and visit some of the local museums. After getting dressed in one of my two shirts and one of my two pairs of pants, I walked out of my hostel towards a small restaurant called Clubkoffie. Inside, I was greeted by a kind Dutch boy with blonde hair and black, plastic glasses. He told me to sit wherever I liked as there were only 2 other people in the restaurant. He took my order, a friend egg on toast with whichever tea was his favorite to drink. I chose a seat outside so I could enjoy the brisk air while I waited for my breakfast.

It turned out his favorite tea was their classic apple pie tea, served with a caramel iced wafer. It was definitely one of the better teas I have had in my life.

After finishing up breakfast, I walked back to the hostel to ask for a late checkout so as to ensure that I’d have enough time to visit as many museums as possible. 

The first stop on my list was the Tropenmuseum.

This three story museum has a variety of artistic mediums, from the interactive floor, which each attendant could add to, to exhibit that showed Africans have changed the face of modern music, to a section displaying different way people alter their bodies, and finally, a collection of photographs from the war torn Middle East. The museum also has a permanent exhibit featuring different works from local artists spanning many centuries and includes some cool and interesting works.

The second one pictured here, if you can’t tell, is a diorama of teletubbies riding in a horse drawn chariot.

After seeing everything there was at the Tropenmuseum, including these discounted Buddhas,

I decided to make my way back to the hostel to gather my things and grab lunch in the area. I stopped in  at Cafe Basquiat and ordered a falafel sandwich and the waitresses favorite soda (rhubarb) before heading to the Van Gogh museum.

The walk to the Van Gogh museum led me through a few parks, with modern art statues peppered throughout, and an underground walkway where a band consisting of one double bass, two accordions, one button and one keyboard, and a violinist were playing various works from classical composers, a veritable greatest hits of classical. 

After listening for a few minutes, one of the accordion players checked his watch, a man walked up and said something to them, they packed up their things, and they left. I then continued on my way to the  Van Gogh museum only to find that the line was so long, there was no way I could see any of it and make my plane. I decided instead to try the Stedelijk Museum next door. 

After only waiting in line to check my backpack, I walked through the tall doorway and into the museum which houses works of modern art and design. I first visited the right wing, which is more of the artwork, less of the design stuff, and was overjoyed to see works from some of my favorite artists.

They even had a Mark Rothko painting, which, instead of photographing, I decided to just sit with and try to hold with my heart.

After finish the right wing of the museum, I crossed the stairway and went into the design wing of the museum. At the time that I visited, they were showing design works that were meant to improve the life of refugees living in europe. They had booths displaying all the diffemt apps that had been made to help refugees, a squatty potty to help refugees feel more comfortable using western toilets, and a poncho/dress that could be transformed into a tent. 

After finishing this wing of the museum, it was time for me to head to the airport to catch my next flight. I used the free bathroom, visited the restaurant in the airport, and sat down in the bleacher seating, awaiting my next journey.

3 thoughts on “Amsterdam, day 2

  1. I love the shape of the flatware (silver) in the one photo, and also the covering over the flatware in the other photo! Very cool!!
    And the fresh flowers are so pretty!!


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