Roma, the beginning

After leaving Milan, I set my course for Rome. 

I had high expectations for Rome because someone told me it was the most beautiful city they had ever seen. I arrived at night with a nearly dead iPhone and made my way to my bed and breakfast. When I arrived, I rang the bell, but there was no reply. I tried it again, this time, really laying in to it. Still nothing. I decided to try the best western across the street, thinking they would at least, more than likely, have wifi so I could reach out to my host. 

The gentleman working at the concierge desk was very kind and more than happy to offer up their wifi passsword and even let me use his cellphone to call my bed and breakfast host. She told me to wait outside, that she was on her way, and that she would be there in five minutes. 

When she arrived, she greeted me warmly and showed me the kitchen, then to my room. My room was a small room with one twin bed, a nightstand, a desk, a dresser, and a bathroom with an incredibly small shower. I showered and went to bed. 
In the morning I yelped a small bakery five minutes away in the basement of an old building. I started walking and realized I was starting to feel more comfortable being in a foreign place, almost at home in that feeling. 

After picking up a couple of pastries, I returned to my bed and breakfast to eat while watching Italian cartoons. 

After finishing my breakfast, I packed up my things, accidentally stiffed the bed and breakfast on the city tax, and headed out to my hostel for the next two nights. 

*I will usually only stay at a bed and breakfast if I need to catch up on laundry or if I haven’t gotten good sleep in a while.*

I arrived at my hostel and tried to check in, but was told I could not check in for another hour. I left my bags in the hostel baggage room and looked up a place to eat lunch. Apparently, there was great pizza place five minutes walk away.  

The restaurant was a little off of the beaten path, which made me think it would hopefully be a little more authentic. I was greeted by two women and was told to sit wherever I wanted, as the place was empty. I chose the corner table while thinking about mafia movies. I perused the menu and decided to go with my old favorite, asking the waitress which was her favorite. 

After finishing my pizza, I headed back to the hostel to check in and get set up in my room. I had a botttom bunk  under a sleeping boy from California. We shared the room with a Brazilian woman, and a boisterous boy who mostly spoke Spanish.  I thought it best to retire for the night to sit in my bed and read Rick Steve’s Rome on my iPhone. 

In the morning, after eating my breakfast of pastries, I followed Rick’s suggestion, and started what he has deemed, the Caesar shuffle”. First on the list, the Pantheon.
This turned out to be my favorite location in Rome, but I had only just begun “the … shuffle”.

 Next up, was the forum which I briefly walked past before heading to the Capitlone hill. 

The final stop on the shuffle route was the Collesium, which was packed with tourist and was actually more beautiful from the outside. I also, regrettably, forgot to snap a picture of it. 

After eating a forgettable dinner, I returned to the hostel and asked the California kid and the Brazilian woman if they wanted to get some ice cream. The woman agreed and we set out to a highly rated ice cream shop.

As is becoming my ice cream tradition,  I ordered one scoop of chocolate and the other was server’s choice. (Be on the lookout for my sub-blog titled Server’s Choice which will only be about food.) This time the chocolate was cookies and cream and the server’s choice was cream from 1941, which was amazing. 
After chatting and finishing our ice cream, we returned back to the hostel, and I prepared for day two of Rick Steve’s Roma. 

6 thoughts on “Roma, the beginning

  1. All of the sites look so pretty and that pizza is looking pretty delicious. Have you tried to sweet talk anyone into teaching you the italian pizza making secrets yet? Hope you continue with safe travels. Miss you man!


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