Buona notte, Roma 

Day two in Rome, I set out to see the Vatican and all it had to offer. But first, I invited my hostel mates to join me for breakfast. The Brazilian woman agreed and I found a place near the Vatican with very high ratings.  The food was good, not great, and the Brazilian woman and I  parted ways. 

My first stop in the Vatican was St. Peter’s Basilica. I waited in line for about 45 minutes to get in. (In the main picture for this post, you can see the barely make out the queue waiting to get in.)I had heard that many places in the Vatican had very strict dress code policies so I was dressed in slacks in very balmy weather, but I guess the guards were feeling generous that day, as many people in shorts and tank tops were still being allowed in. Once inside the church, I was amazed at the scale of the building and its grandeur. I decided I wanted to climb to the top, and only had to pay a small fee to do so. This meant climbing up hundreds of stairs and sometimes climbing through very awkward passageways around the dome. But the view from the top was well worth the climb. After climbing to the top, I descended the stairs back to the ground floor of the church.  I left thinking churches like this help me understand how people can feel so passionately about their religion. I then walked over this funny looking plaque in the ground. After leaving St. Peter’s Basillica, I made my way over to the museum that houses the Sistine Chapel which was yet another example of just how much amazing art European museums have. Every surface you could look at has some art on it to the point that you could spend a whole day admiring one hallway. After a long day of exploring the wonders of the Vatican, I had agreed to meet the California kid and the Brazilian woman at a highly rated and recommended vegan burger joint. I showed up a little late because there was a lot of construction which altered some of the bus routes. When I walked in, I found neither of them inside. Assuming I’d missed them both, I ordered the waiters favorite burger, the “spicy” one, and sat down. Moments later the Brazilian woman appeared, also running late from the altered bus schedules, and, after ordering, joined me. We enjoyed our vegan burgers and delicious French fries before heading back to the hostel for what would be my last night in Rome. 

3 thoughts on “Buona notte, Roma 

  1. Incredible photos!
    What a view from the top! Amazing!
    So thankful you are able to spend some time with others you have met along the way.,,


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